A-SHOW: It was Hype! By Balu

By Balu

A Show took place on Thursday, June 23, 2016 and brought together 12 micro-grant recipients and their respective participants to engage in an exhibition and showcase organized collaboratively by Platform A. Some scheduled activities included: a henna art station led by participants from the henna program; live painting outside of the venue; dance performances; audio recordings attached to artwork for the public to hear insights on the participants perspective of social issues within their neighbourhoods. These interactive stations were intended for the young artists to practice their skills and engage with public audiences.

In 2016, Art Starts, Jumblies Theatre, VIBE Arts, SKETCH and CUE collaborated to provide over $65,000 in grants to support the production of community-engaged and individual projects by artists who are often underrepresented in mainstream arts and culture. This collaboration, called Platform A, is a strategic initiative of the Toronto Arts Council dedicated to fostering a new momentum in community arts.

Photos courtesy of Sonya Reynolds from Sketch