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ArtsEffect is VIBE Arts’ annual fundraising event that raises money through the exclusive auction of coveted original artworks, created and generously donated, by a group of renowned Canadian artists.

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We believe

in the artistic agency of young people to innovate and build community.

We work closely with individuals in under-resourced communities to innovate and build transferrable skills through arts education programming.

Our Opportunities

come to life in various public spaces including libraries, schools, shopping malls and community centres. We strive to bring the arts to as many people as possible. For this reason, VIBE Arts programming will always be community based, and free for participants.

Animating Historic Sites: Return and Relearn at Zion Schoolhouse

Through February and March 2019, VIBE Arts teamed up the Toronto Arts Council to Animate the City of Toronto’s historic Zion Schoolhouse. This project took shape as four, day-long artist...

Looking back at VIBE Arts’ ‘The Chronicles’: Black History Month Programming 2019

VIBE Artists lead youth in free art programs at Scarborough Town Centre's Black History Month Celebration on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 This February, VIBE Arts earned an outstanding...

Our Impact

We continue to strengthen partnerships in over 50 Ontario neighbourhoods and beyond.  In 2017 alone, our reach was:

youth Participants

Free Workshops

Different Venues

Collaborative Partners

What’S next?

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