VIBE Arts is an award-winning charitable organization committed to providing children and youth in under-resourced communities with high quality arts education. Established in 1995, VIBE Arts has become one of the most celebrated arts organizations in Toronto.

VIBE Arts and COVID-19

We’ve launched 4 unique online programs to employ artists and spread creativity across Ontario.

Our Opportunities

VIBE programs come to life in various public spaces including libraries, schools, shopping malls and community centres. We bring the arts to as many people as possible. VIBE Arts programming is always community driven, and free for participants.

Recent News

What We’ve Gained

You may have seen our last post, which broke down “what we’ve lost” as a result of COVID-19. Although our organization continues to face challenges, we have been able to pivot and continue...

What We’ve Lost: COVID-19’s Impact on VIBE Arts

COVID-19’s Impact on VIBE Arts:  40 programs canceled in 30 locations, with hopes of being rescheduled Includes postponement of a large public art installation in North York 30+ artists...

Vibe’s 2019 impact

We continue to strengthen partnerships in over 50 Ontario neighbourhoods and beyond.  Scroll down to see how much we achieved in 2019.

Employed Artists



Large-scale, Public Artworks