Artists Meet-up

By Racachel Edge

VIBE Arts has been busy hosting Artist Meet-ups this Fall/Winter 2016. Two were hosted in early November for our emerging artists to get to know one another, meet our new mentorship program coordinator, and map out their artistic journeys together. Conversations were created around goal setting, how to support one another, and understanding anti-racist pedagogy to arts education.

We are about to host our 3rd Artist Meet-up for the Holiday season for all artists at VIBE Arts, as well as emerging artists on our partnering Platform A organizations (SKETCH, Art Starts, Cue Project, and Jumblies Theatre). This event is happening Tuesday December 20th, and will involve a celebratory event for food, creative gift exchange, and ensuring a check-in to see how everyone is doing over the holiday season.

In January 2017, VIBE will be sitting down with all emerging artists to set new professional, artistic, and personal goals together, and discuss ways to support and push one another as a community.