Junior League Peer-to-Peer Workshop

By: Alannah Johnson

November was an exciting time in the VIBE office as we held peer-to-peer workshops facilitated by members of our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) throughout the month. Shashann Miguel-Tash held a visual arts workshop on Sunday November 13th for emerging artists and engaged us with a lesson on how colours evoke emotions within our audience. The youth spent the afternoon painting and getting the opportunity to learn more about fellow emerging artists on our roster!

The following Tuesday, November 15th, YAC co-chair Fitzroy Facey, shared his inspiring artist testimony and spoke with the youth about his journey from childhood to his now exciting Photography career. Following his testimony, the emerging artists were asked to map their artist journey in a workshop to reflect upon early beginnings and where they are heading! Mentorship Coordinator, Rachael Edge reminded artists to think about their “ Northern Star” and what’s guiding them. VIBE hopes to carry out more fun and engaging peer-to-peer workshops in the near future.