Tristan Sauer | VIBE Spotlight

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On this VIBE Spotlight, we’re shining a light on Tristan Sauer, a writer, sculptor, interactive artist and a new member of the VIBE Artist roster. He recently co-designed the RBC Desire Lines Online Gallery, an online showcase of work created by artists in the Desire Lines program, made possible by RBC.

VIBE: Is there anything you are currently working on that you would like to share?

Tristan: I’m currently working on a series of wearable works that address issues surrounding protest and police brutality.

VIBE: What has been one of your greatest accomplishments to date?

Tristan: Presenting my piece STORM as an “experience piece” during the 2019 Toronto Maker Festival.

VIBE: What has been one of your favourite moments while being on the VIBE roster?

Tristan: Collaborating with artist Anthony Gebrehiwot on the 2020 RBC Desire Lines website.  

VIBE: What are some of your future goals?

Tristan: I want to present as part of a group exhibition, as well as hold my own solo exhibition at a gallery in Toronto. I also want to curate a series of community run popup art shows and performance events, focusing on new media and experimental expressions of art. 

VIBE: What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned thus far?

Tristan: Your art must come from within. You cannot make what you do not truly care for. If the passion exists, the art will follow.


VIBE: What changes would you like to see in Toronto’s Art community?

Tristan: I would like to see more cohesion in the Toronto arts community. I want opportunities to be open to all creatives, not just those in select social, financial and communal circles. More opportunities for networking, collaboration and community building need to be available in the city. 

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