Pandemic Stories | The Nutcracker

We’re sharing 5 pandemic stories of how we continued to deliver on our mission despite COVID-19. You can check out the others here.

VIBE Arts and the National Ballet of Canada teamed up in December 2020 to bring holiday cheer and arts education into the homes of children in the Weston-Mount Dennis neighbourhood of Toronto.

Participants first received art supplies from VIBE Arts, along with a copy of Niroot Puttapipat’s book, The Nutcracker, courtesy of Penguin Books. They then worked with a VIBE artist to create a piece of artwork inspired by The Nutcracker.

Throughout the program, the children and youth participants learned from various members of the National Ballet, including a lesson from a member of the costume department, the orchestra and first soloist Tina Pereira, who is recognizable for her role as The Sugar Plum Fairy.

You can read the National Ballet of Canada’s press release about the partnership here.

For those that have donated this season and to our COVID-19 Relief Fund, thank you for your support in these difficult times.