Pandemic Stories | SRE

We’re sharing 5 pandemic stories of how we continued to deliver on our mission despite COVID-19. You can read the others here.

NExT is our 2-year mentorship program for Black emerging Artists. One participant, Isaac, musically known as SRE, is a rapper/spoken word artist based out of Etobicoke. Dedicated to his growth, he and his Mentor Aidan Sykes (Artist Marketing Manager at Sony Music Entertainment) continue to meet regularly during the pandemic. As SRE works on his final piece for an exhibition in Spring of 2021, they focus their sessions on understanding how to get over his personal creative writing block, his live performance and navigating through times of uncertainty as a Black artist. Since the start of this program, Aidan “has become more of a big brother than just a mentor.”

You can check out our #VIBESpotlight on SRE to hear more about what he’s been up to.

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For those that have donated this season and to our COVID-19 Relief Fund, thank you for your support in these difficult times.