Lunchroom Transformation Program Updates!

VIBE Arts has been helping children and youth transform their lunchrooms over the years to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. VIBE’s lunchroom transformations are exciting projects where kids are engaged in planning, designing and producing a mural for their school or community agency. Artistic expression is central to this project. Our Lunchroom Transformation project at Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School had the students exploring the theme of wellness using their own diverse cultural experiences as inspiration. Lead arts educator, Sandra Tarantino, and artist assistants Camelle Davidson and Rowell Soller encouraged the grade 5, 6, 7, and 8 students to look outside the windows and draw what they see in their community in relation to health and wellness, to generate the mural’s messages and imagery. The finished artwork beautifully captures the diversity of understandings and interpretations of the children on the theme of wellness.

A correction has been made: We apologize that we misreported in our January Newsletter that did not identify Sandra Tarantino as the lead artist for the Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School mural project. We really appreciate the work Sandra does at VIBE Arts, and we are always deeply impressed by her work in the community and her art practice that you can see here.

Saje, Loblaws, and B.Good are generously supporting the Parkdale School  Lunchroom Transformation project.

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