Inside the VIBE-BALANCE Dance Program for Adults Living with Sight Loss

One of the ways VIBE delivers programming is through community-based programs and partnerships with community organizations.

We work collaboratively with schools, community centres, public housing, hospitals, public libraries, detention centres and shelters to bring art education programming directly to the people they serve in response to their greatest needs.

Recognized as an organization that supports children and youth, what you may not know is that VIBE also supports adults and seniors.

VIBE recently partnered with BALANCE for Blind Adults to reimagine dance classes, making them accessible and enjoyable for individuals with varying levels of vision impairment. BALANCE is a support organization in Toronto providing customized, specialized services to facilitate optimal independence and community engagement for persons who are blind or living with sight loss, and who may have additional challenges.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Allison Beula, one of the artists on VIBE’s roster (who has been with the organization for 15+ years!) and instructor of BALANCE dance workshops, to learn more about the program’s origins, its impact and why supporting community-based programming is crucial.

The Genesis of BALANCE Dance Classes

VIBE approached Allison based on her exceptional work during the pandemic. As senior homes sought ways to engage residents safely, virtual dance classes emerged and became a hit with Allison (even leading her to get hired on after VIBE programming completed!). When BALANCE reached out to VIBE with a request for dance classes for adults living with blindness and visual impairments, we intentionally sought Allison based on her adaptability, care and passion over the years teaching dance through VIBE programs.

Allison initially expressed fear and uncertainty. The prospect of relying on movement rather than sight was daunting. VIBE recognized this challenge and BALANCE provided the necessary support and training through a built-in education system. Allison received hands-on experience, including wearing sunglasses to simulate different visual impairments to better understand the experiences of her participants. Embracing these differences is central to the program’s ethos.

The Importance of BALANCE Dance Classes

Why does BALANCE matter? Allison strongly believes the program fills a significant gap in arts education. While funding exists for children and seniors, “working-age” adults are often overlooked. BALANCE seeks to rectify this imbalance by offering inclusive arts and education opportunities.

The program’s importance extends beyond dance itself. It fosters social connections, promotes physical activity, and empowers participants to embrace new ways of learning. As Allison reflects, the transformative impact of BALANCE dance classes cannot be overstated. There are many times she left teary-eyed knowing how grateful the participants were to experience dance classes—as some expressed never experiencing that type of joy before.

Supporting VIBE and BALANCE

Why should others support VIBE and, specifically, the BALANCE Dance Classes?

Allison emphasizes the profound impact of arts on individuals’ lives. Through VIBE’s initiatives, marginalized demographics discover self-expression and a sense of belonging.

VIBE stands out for its commitment to nurturing artists like Allison, allowing them to pursue their passions while making a tangible difference in their communities. By supporting VIBE and BALANCE, individuals contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant society.

BALANCE dance classes for adults living with blindness and visual impairments is more than just a dance program—it’s a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and compassion.

As Allison aptly puts it, “Arts change the world.” And through initiatives like these, VIBE is leading the charge toward a brighter, more inclusive future thanks to your support.

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