Ashabi Idris | VIBE Spotlight

This is VIBE Spotlight: a weekly series that celebrates and shines a light on VIBE Arts’ roster of talented artists and now the members that make up our small but mighty team. Each Monday, our Instagram and website will feature a different VIBE staff member and provide a look into the VIBE community. Stay tuned and get to know our organization and community with #VIBESpotlight.

On this VIBE Staff Spotlight, we’re shining a light on Ashabi Idris, VIBE’s Project Coordinator. Ashabi joined the VIBE Arts team in December 2018 shortly after moving to Canada from the Bay Area. Prior to VIBE, she worked in a variety of settings including leading youth leadership groups for the City of Palo Alto California, and running after school art programs in Oakland, California. She is a plant mom, notebook hog, and is looking forward to unrestricted travel in the near future. 

VIBE: What is your role at VIBE?

Ashabi: I am VIBE Arts’ Project Manager

VIBE: What led you to the arts?

Ashabi: As a shy and introverted kid, I turned to the arts as a means of escaping the expectations that were laid out for me. Art gave me the confidence to create my own little world, and over the years it has helped me be more assured of my self and my purpose. It also helped to have an older brother who is a talented artist as he really inspired me to live a life of creative self expression.

VIBE: What has been one of your favourite moments at VIBE?

Ashabi: One of the highlights of my time at VIBE happened this past summer with the ‘Heart of The Nest’ project that I helped to coordinate. The project was led by Akshata Naik and assisted by Natalie “Rare” Chattargoon. It is the biggest project I have been a part of with VIBE and seeing the birdhouse sculpture come together was really beautiful.

VIBE: What is something you’re looking forward to in the future at VIBE?

Ashabi: I am looking forward to more in person programs and events that can bring the VIBE community of artists, participants, staff, and the art community in general back together again.

VIBE: What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned thus far?

Ashabi: I have learned the importance of finding little things that make me feel empowered and making them fixtures in my day to day life.

VIBE: What changes would you like to see in Toronto’s Art community?

Ashabi: I would love to see the art community in Toronto being championed by the society in general because it truly is something to be proud of.

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