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On this VIBE Spotlight, we’re shining a light on Tasneem Dairywala, a comic artist, Executive Director of Art Ignite, and member of the VIBE artist roster.

VIBE: Is there anything you are currently working on that you would like to share?
TD: Yes! I will be offering virtual cartooning workshops from July 4th to the 25th on Saturdays from 10:30 AM – 1 PM. If anyone would like to to join, they can send me an email at tdairywala@gmail.com

VIBE: What has been one of your greatest accomplishments to date?
TD: Art related: I’ve been able to create one drawing a day for the past 100 days. I have never dedicated this much time to a series, so I’m very proud of myself! It’s hard to feel and be creative with a baby, but now my baby’s turned into a toddler and become my muse!
Career related: I founded Art Ignite, a non-profit community arts organization, and despite the ups and downs that have come with starting and running an organization, we’re doing really well and engaging lots of wonderful people each week. I feel so much joy when I think about the impact that the workshops we offer have on our participants and their lives.
Personal: My daughter.

VIBE: What has been one of your favourite moments while being on the VIBE roster?
TD: Getting mentored by Jason [De Mata]. He’s so fantastic. I’ve approached him with very vague ideas and he’s been so encouraging and knowledgeable, and has provided me with so much information.

VIBE: What are some of your future goals?
TD: I really want to focus more on my art. I have this thought stuck in my head of eventually turning my comics into a book. Let’s see. For now, I’m enjoying using them to record my experiences as a mother.

VIBE: What changes would you like to see in Toronto’s Art community?
TD: More steady work opportunities for artists!

Support Tasneem: @tasneem_dairywala | tasneemdairywala.com
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