Press Release: The Prospect Project – ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021–2022

VIBE Arts is excited to announce our participation in ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021–2022 with The Prospect Project. 

The Prospect Project will provide 4 emerging artists the opportunity to create large-scale public art murals that reflect the community under the mentorship of professional mural artist Ryan Dineen. Shashann Miguel-Tash, Rowell Soller, Frannie Potts and Jason Julien have been selected from the VIBE Arts emerging artists roster as the next generation of Toronto Muralists to lead this project in their communities. 

The pieces for The Prospect Project will be created and displayed within each artist’s own community through a partnership with Toronto Heritage Museums. This project seeks to inspire local youth to see themselves as part of the creative fabric of their communities and encourage youth to participate in the art-making alongside the local emerging artists to develop their artistic skills and spark their creativity. 

Gibson House Museum, Scarborough Museum, Todmorden Mills and Montgomery’s Inn will serve as neighbourhood sites to see the artistic process from conception to creation. The four artists will work with community members through arts programming and consultations to create a mural on a 6’ x 6’ wooden puzzle piece that reflects their unique perspectives and diverse communities. The four puzzle pieces will come together at Fort York Heritage Site later this fall in a final exhibition to show the true beauty and connection of our city. 

If you live in a neighbourhood that has a postal code beginning with the following 3 characters and were unable to attend a community consultation session, we encourage you to fill out this survey by August 13 and tell us what you want to see in your community. 

The Prospect Project postal codes:

M2N, M2R, MRM, M2K, M3H, M1P, M1H, M1K, M1R, M1S, M4K, M4J, M4M, M4W, M4X, M9A, M9B, M8X, M9P, M6N

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