New Year, New Members

The VIBE Arts Board of Directors fundraise, advise, govern, oversee policy and strategic direction, as well as assist with the leadership and promotion of VIBE Arts. Members of our board play a crucial role in our organization. Each member joins us with unique life and career experience and helps our organization achieve its goal of allowing children and youth in under-resourced communities access to high-quality arts expression and education.

We are ecstatic to announce that in 2019, Dwayne Morgan and Nish Shah have joined our Board as Directors. Dwayne Morgan is a writer, performer, and author of twelve books. A Scarborough Walk of Fame Inductee, Morgan uses art to unleash human potential and possibilities. On joining VIBE Arts, Morgan has said that is he happy to be a part of the board and looks forward to enhancing and supporting the work of the organization.

Nish Shah is a passionate marketer who has spent his career working at the intersection of consumer behaviour, marketing strategy, and design. In his current role, as the Vice President of Strategy at Initiative, a global communications agency, he works with a wide range of clients including RBC, Amazon, LEGO, Carlsberg, CBC, and Destination Canada.

We feel overwhelmed with gratitude to be entering 2019 with the support of a strong board of directors. Nish and Dwayne will join Danny Cappe, John Armstrong, Tina Bates, Clare Haskell, and Jamie Angell in leading VIBE into a successful year. We look forward to reaching over 9,000 children and youth this year through our accessible programming and mentorship.

If you are passionate about youth arts and would like to make a difference in your community, consider applying to join the VIBE Arts Board of Directors. Together we have the power to create vibrant communities and ignite expression through the arts.

5 Ways to Give Back to Community Arts this Season


The holiday season is filled with countless ways to feel the warmth of giving. One of the most gratifying ways to feel good in 2019 is by giving back to your community.  At VIBE, every day we are lucky enough to witness how community arts impacts thousands of lives across Ontario. The source of this impact is not far away – it comes from the generosity and support of people like you.  Not everyone can be a philanthropist or afford to hand over fistfuls of their hard-earned cash – especially during the holidays.

That’s why we’re sharing a few simple ways that you can give back to community arts – through small gestures that have BIG impacts.


Find some local street art and show some love to your community. Toronto is full of amazing murals. Some are easy to spot, but others require some exploring.  Put aside some time this holiday to find a mural in your neighbourhood. Even if you’ve passed by it before, this time really take a look at it. You might discover ways that the mural represents surrounding communities. Many of our city’s murals require a community consultation before they go up. Next time you spot a flyer for a community consultation in your neighbourhood, take part! Mural artists are hungry for inspiration and love to hear the community’s opinions and feelings before they turn it into a legacy.


Send cards. Yes, we know. It’s an old tradition, but you can find custom cards created by local emerging artists all over Toronto!  Don’t have time to look? We’ve got you covered. When you give back to VIBE, you can also take care of your seasonal cards. Head to our donation page to donate and in return, receive a set of 10 cards designed by a VIBE Artist.  Don’t have the time or energy to post them? No problem. We’ll customize, address and send your cards for you.  Plus, there’s an added bonus: you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation.


Apply to join a Board of Directors. Not-for-Profits and Charities are always looking for talent to help grow and support their organizations. A multitude of talent is needed to strengthen every board.  If you have a bit of time to volunteer and want to share your expertise, apply to be part of a board for an organization you love! Love VIBE? Apply here!


Check out a new artist. Did you know that Toronto has the highest concentration of artists in Canada?  Many of these artists don’t get the exposure they deserve due to the systemic barriers they face. Try to find a new artist whose work you like and show them some love by seeing their show, buying a piece or just following them on Instagram.  Don’t know where to start? Check out our amazingly diverse roster of artists here.


Buy gifts that give back.  It’s easy to find gifts that give back to a charitable cause. Whether its shoes, chocolates or clothes, many companies are leading their businesses with a cause.  NOGU is no different. This jewelry company gives 5% of all it’s sales to great charities! Check out this ladybug bracelet that supports VIBE Arts.


At VIBE, we’ve learned that everyone has the capacity to give.  Even by reading this post and learning more about us, you are helping us continue to grow our organization’s impact. Thank you for your support and have a Happy New Year!

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