Meet the VIBE team!

      Katie Hutchinson

Executive Director

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Onika Powell

Artistic Director

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raven lam

General Manager

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Jason De Mata

Mentorship and Project Manager

mentor[email protected]

Ashabi Idris

Community Program Manager

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Emma Gaudio

Communications Manager

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Hannah Doucet

Program Coordinator
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Reia Tariq

Program Administrator

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Betty Xie

Fundraising Consultant

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Indira Thomas


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Stuckey Hutchinson

Head of Security
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 Julie Frost began her career at VIBE Arts in 2002. In 2008, she earned the role of executive and artistic director. During her 16 years at VIBE, Julie’s influence and leadership propelled the organization through tremendous growth, a successful restructuring and name change. In 2018, Julie moved on to fill the role of Senior Arts Consultant for the City of Toronto.

VIBE Arts was founded in 1995 by Lola Rasminsky.