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 Arts Effect Live – New date: May 12th, 2021 the Broadview Hotel.


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‘VIBE 2020’ Limited Edition Poster
12″ x 18″, signed by artist

Arts Effect artist Gary Taxali designed a custom Giclée print honouring VIBE’s 25th Anniversary. The poster of the print pays homage to our annual art auction. All sales support VIBE’s mission to provide high-quality arts education in under-resourced spaces. Each print features an authentic signature from the artist.

Price includes FREE delivery in the GTA.
Only available for shipping in USA or Canada
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Support the Artist

A fundraising art auction in support of VIBE Arts

New date

Weds. May 12th, 2021
6pm at The Broadview Hotel 

Arts Effect is an annual art auction featuring some of Canada’s finest contemporary works.

Led by esteemed auctioneer, Stephen Ranger and curated by a team of arts and culture professionals, Arts Effect is one of the premier arts events of the year.

All funds raised, through tickets and the sale of art, go on to support VIBE Arts, an award-winning charitable organization committed to providing youth in under-resourced communities with high-quality community and school-based arts education. 

Artwork donations or sponsorship inquiries

2020 Artwork Preview

Some available works at this year’s auction

Gary Taxali

Bella Vita, 2012

Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Born to Fight, 2019

Steve Driscoll

Not Far Away, 2019

Gavin Lynch

Dome Rocker, 2019

Bradley Wood

Valencia, 2019

Daniel Hutchinson

Wireforms Building, 2018

Rob Nicholls

Mountain’s Floor, 2020

Work from previous auctions 
Interested in donating work? Contact

Past Artworks

Daniel Hutchinson

Tin Vision, 2018

Richard Johnson

Ice Hut #955, Port Bolster, Lake Simcoe, 2017

Luke Painter

Moth House, 2018

Gavin Lynch

Le Jardin, 2018

Bradley Wood

Le Cagnad, 2018

Chris Shepherd

Brush & Gardiner Expressway

Circle in Square, 2017

Julianne Gladstone

Inner Chamber, 2018

Kim Dorland

Remember Me?, 2019

Gavin Lynch

Felix, 2016/2017

Erin Loree

Conversation with the Sun, 2017

Charles Pachter

Moose Crossing, 2013

Nicotye Samayualie

Seascape, 2016

Bradley Wood

House on the Hill, 2017

Adam David Brown

Life is Beautiful, 2017

Jessica Thalmann

Perigee and Apogee (red), 2018

Erika DeFreitas

If You Look Closely, She Moves #6, 2017

Rob Nicholls

Rushing the Dawn, 2018

Matthew Varey

Orbit of Grace, 2014-2018

John Eisler

Cyclops, 2017

Daniel Hutchinson

Delta Flowers (Icy Fog), 2016

Evan Sharma

Throwing Numbers, 2018

John Holland

Sierra, 2017

Kim Dorland

Untitled, 2017

Gary Taxali

Pucks, 2017

Steve Driscoll

Large and Luminous

Dave Dyment

‘Ere Long Done Do Does Did (Spend, Spend, Spend), 2018

Luke Painter

Tassels & Olives, 2018

Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Untitled, 2017

Roula Partheniou

Template, 2017

Kristiina Lahde

Square Metre no. 6, 2013

Micah Lexier

Hands Holding Things, #007, 2015

Spencer Hatch

Ugly, 2017

Chris Ironside

Untitled (Boo Boo), 2018

April Hickox

Blue Still Life, from the series Provenance Unknown Cancelled Paintings, 2018

Meghan McKnight

Foliation, 2018

Winnie Truong

Feather Cap, 2016

Charles Pachter

Monarch of the North, 2015

Charles Pachter

Bay Watch, 2012

Laura Millard

Ice Circles II, 2018

Jamie Angelopoulos

Unarm, 2016

Stella Cade

All the Things to See From Here, 2017

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