VIBE Arts Advocates support VIBE Arts through committed monthly donations.

Becoming an Arts Advocate is an investment in the community. We bring young people together to collaborate in safe and accessible spaces and tap into the creative potential that lies in every corner of our province.

To become an Arts Advocate, simply fill out the donation form on this page and select the ‘recurring donation’ option.

As a monthly donor, you’ll receive additional perks including:
✔ special program updates
✔ exclusive invitations & events
✔ recognition on our website
✔ original artwork created by VIBE Artists


Become an Arts Advocate today by making a monthly gift. Your monthly donation will make a tangible impact on the lives of the next generation of creatives. 

For $10 dollars a month, in a year, you will be gifting one school one week’s worth of Beyond 3:30 programming, supporting students in need to build their confidence in their self-expression and creativity.

For $25 dollars a month, you will have provided a school with a year’s worth of art supplies for a free arts education program.

For $75 dollars a month, you will make it possible for one child in need to attend a whole year of free after-school arts programs and build confidence in self-expression. 

For $100 dollars a month, you are supporting the launch of an emerging artist’s career by helping them create their first paid commissioned public artwork.