APPLY to become a VIBE Emerging Artist

 Are you an artist between the ages of 16-26, looking to gain experience in arts education? VIBE is currently accepting applications from artists who wish to join the VIBE Artist Roster.

VIBE Arts engages children and youth from under-resourced communities with high-quality arts education programming. VIBE Emerging Artists are hired as arts assistants, who help facilitators lead programs in various settings, including schools, shelters, and community organizations.

Why you should apply:

VIBE Emerging Artists:

  • Receive mentorship from Established Artists
  • Work to improve their artistic practice and pedagogical skills
  • Receive meaningful employment opportunities while working to share the arts with people of all ages
  • Gain opportunities to attend professional development workshops and access extensive networking opportunities
  • Join an established community of artists and creatives with diverse practices, mediums and skills

Application Deadline: September 30th, 2020 at 5 PM


VIBE Arts Established Artists

VIBE Arts employs more than 70 professional artists and 40 Youth Arts Assistants for our Outreach and Professional Development programs in schools and in community sites across Toronto.

Many of the professional artists on our roster live and work in the communities in which our programs are conducted. They reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work, as well as the diversity of arts disciplines that our programs involve.

VIBE Arts artists are selected based on their past experiences in the field of arts education, their professional body of work and their ability to communicate with marginalized populations, especially with children and youth.

We recognize that in order to operate high quality and meaningful arts educational programs, our artists must wear two hats. They must possess artistic merit and harbour a positive creative energy that celebrates them as artists, and as well, be seen as educators who demonstrate pedagogical skills. Artists who need support in any of these two areas are given opportunities to develop skills through our mentorship program as Youth Arts Assistants.


VIBE Arts Emerging Artists – Arts Assistants

VIBE Arts engages emerging and developing artists from the communities in which we work, to place them in programs in schools and community organizations in their own neighbourhoods, as VIBE Arts Youth Arts Assistants. These artists receive artistic and pedagogical skills while assisting in the facilitation of our programs and working hands-on with the professional artist, program participants and community partners.