About Us

Established in 1995, VIBE Arts is an award-winning charitable organization committed to providing children and youth in under-resourced communities with high quality community and school based arts education. With a 20 year trajectory, VIBE Arts has become one of the most celebrated community arts organizations in Toronto.
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Creating a lasting impact on the lives of young people in Toronto’s neighbourhood improvement areas through arts education.


Vibrant communities where young people use creativity and innovation to lead positive social and cultural change.


VIBE Arts works collaboratively with children and youth in under-resourced communities to innovate, build skills and resiliency, and lead social change through arts education programming.


  • VIBE Arts designs and implements innovative, tailor-made Arts-education Programs, with community input, for ages 3-29
  • Programs range from Visual Arts, Video, Photography, Digital Art, Dub Poetry, Dance, Drama and Music (including African Drumming, Aboriginal Drumming and Beat Boxing)
  •  Programs are focused on social change and take place directly in schools, community centres, public housing, hospitals, public libraries, shopping malls, parks, detention centres and shelters
  • Participants are encouraged to give back to the community through sharing their artwork, their expertise through arts leadership,  or their talents in performances

Pillars of VIBE Arts’ Work:

  • Accessibility: Programming is free, reflects pride in diversity and is easily accessed within each community
  • Sustainability: Programs engage communal assets; VIBE Arts develops lasting multi-stakeholder partnerships and mentors Emerging Youth Artists to continue the programming
  • Resilience: Opportunities for youth to develop leadership and life skills; the ability to deal with adversity over the long-term and make positive choices in their lives