make a difference.


VIBE Arts engages 7,000 – 10,000 children and youth per year in school and community settings.
Delivery of our programs is made possible through the generous support of our volunteers and student placements, who continue to make an impact on the communities we serve.

We often seek volunteers with an interest in learning about arts education and empowering Toronto children and youth.

Placement/Internship opportunities are based on the disciplines listed below and require a 6-month to 1-year commitment. Volunteer opportunities are available on a part-time basis, and may be tasks within the following areas:

  • Community and School Arts Programs
  • Special Events
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Office Administration
  • Exhibition & Installation
  • Photo/Video Documentation


It is important to note that those who volunteer for VIBE Arts engage in a wide variety of tasks and activities.  We do our best to honour our volunteers’ specific interests, but it is not unusual to work outside of allocated roles.