Arts for Social Justice Program Gallery

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A wide variety of arts experiences result when the arts are integrated with Social Justice Education.  Below you can watch the work created by students at various High Schools as well as examples of teachers’ and VIBE Artists’ strategies for engaging students in these types of projects. VIBE artist educators worked together with CCLET educators to bring the ASJ project into Toronto classrooms from 2014 – 2017.

ASJ Program Gallery

George Harvey High School – ASJ Program in various mediums. Teacher contact: Airin Stephens. VIBE Arts facilitators: Sean Martindale and Allison Beula. 

Claude Watson School for the Arts – Examples and Lesson Plan of Claude Watson School for the Arts teachers connecting Dance and Drama to Social Justice.


THIS IS JANE AND FINCH – Video created by students from the LAWS project at Westview Centennial Secondary School in the Spring of 2016. Facilitated by Jen Chin and Jennalee Desjardins.

BOXES FOR CHANGE created by students from the LAWS project at  CW Jefferys Collegiate in the Winter of 2016. Program facilitated by Megan Diercks and Michele Coleman.

PROTEST FOR CHANGE created by students from Central Etobicoke School in the Winter of 2016. Prorgam Facilitated by Allison Beaula and Jennifer Chin.

A DAY IN THE LIFE created by Students from Central Technical School in the Fall of 2015. Program facilitated by Jennifer Chin and Roshanak Jaberizadeh.

Posters created by Students from Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute from Spring of 2015. Facilitated by Roshanak Jaberizadeh and Alina Martiros.