Park Grocery, 1907


Christine De Vuono
Park Grocery, 1907 (2017)
Digital inkjet print on archival matte paper
34″ x 40″ x .5″
Framing provided by Akau Framing & Art Inc.
Courtesy of the artist |

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Within the walls of a small storefront in Guelph, which almost continually served and sold food since 1885, this ledger was found in its resting place where it had been for over 100 years. Discovered during the historic building’s most recent renovation into a restaurant, the ledger holds the names of the town’s citizens, their purchases, and a few artifacts, nestled within the dusty pages from 1907.  At this point in time, the building was a butcher’s, with the name written on the envelope found inside.  I chose this page to print as it was filled with colourful wax pencils used to record the chops, roasts, and other cuts of meat sold. The current restauranteurs chose the name “Park Grocery” as a homage to the very first business in the building – a grocery store serving the Exhibition Park neighbourhood in Guelph, Ontario. A fascinating historical artifact, this high-resolution print contains multiple clues to rural Ontario at the turn of the previous century.

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