Kuya Spirit


Rowell Soller
Kuya Spirit, 2018
Aerosol and spray paint
36″ x 48″
Rowell Soller is a member of the VIBE Artist Roster.
Courtesy of the artist |
Rowell Soller

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Rowell Soller is a 27 year old Filipino-Canadian, multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Scarborough. His practice revolves around traditional painting on canvas, sculpture and murals. Through these practices, he has established a signature style of his own called, ‘Ancient Graffuturism’. In this he combines elements of abstract art, Manga, International Architecture, Calligraphy, Graffiti & Ancient Filipino Design Inspired Images & Symbols. Being a Diaspora, Rowell likes to blend his asian heritage into his work to feel more connected with himself & his roots. His Paintings, Sculptures & Murals supply life force and uplifting imagery. He aims to strengthen spaces & communities through his art by awakening ways in which people can feel freedom in themselves and connect to their roots instinctively. Rowell is driven by the struggle of his traumas and poverty that he grew up with. Overcoming these challenges, he has found a new self, inspired by the light and love to spread these elements through his work and daily living. Constantly evolving his inner self his work becomes affected and changes with him. Rowell’s painting and murals are owned by private collectors in Los Angeles, Philippines, Alberta, Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru to China & Montreal, Toronto, Canada.

This artwork is proudly displayed in CB2 Canada‘s Toronto Location.

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