Bella Vita


Gary Taxali
Bella Vita, 2012
Giclee Print
Hand Signed and Numbered Edition of 400
20″ X 25″
Framing provided by Akau Framing & Art Inc.
Courtesy of the artist |

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Gary Taxali is a Canadian contemporary fine artist and illustrator known for his iconic retro style pop art and illustrations. Taxali creates mixed-media works on paper, sculptures, drawings and paintings. His work intersects fine art, pop culture, design and 1930s style iconography, graphics and typography. He is inspired by vintage comics, pop culture and period advertisements. Gary Taxali tweaks conventional styling and contexts to cast light on life’s constant paradoxes, whether sex, love, consumer frenzy, or just that longing for something else. Taxali delves into the desires, feelings and emotional preoccupations that make us all human.

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