Giving Opportunities:

The pillars of education, collaboration, innovation and accessibility guide what we do everyday and will always remain important to our work. What we have realized lately, is that these pillars are becoming increasingly important to the community and our followers as well. Spreading the joy of arts education and fostering these pillars in the lives of youth in our community, is no longer just within our reach, but has extended to those in our community who have a shared passion.

We want to extend to you the communities and the network of youth we reach, so that together we can achieve our goals. We have created a Giving Page that is dedicated to your life milestones. Whether it be a donation on behalf of a birthday, anniversary, campaign, or memorial tribute, the donations from you, your friends and your family to VIBE Arts will contribute to our shared mission. 



Milestone Giving

VIBE Arts is thrilled to accept donations to help you celebrate the big days in your loved ones’ lives! Whether it be a donation for a birthday, an anniversary, or any other exciting milestone, both VIBE Arts and the children and youth we serve, are grateful to be a part of the celebration. There’s nothing better than sharing your joy with someone else, and these milestone donations do just that!

  • As part of choosing VIBE Arts, the Honouree will receive:
    • A custom congratulatory card in post from VIBE Arts
    • A description of the program that the money donated in their name will go towards running
  • Donors will receive:
    • Custom thank you e cards from VIBE Arts with impact of their contribution
    • a charitable tax receipt

We are excited to be considered as part of your loved one’s celebration.

Memorial Giving

A donation to VIBE Arts is a thoughtful way to honour the memory of someone whose life has been influenced by the arts. This tribute will recognize the power the arts can have in changing one’s life, especially for children and youth in under-resourced communities. The generosity of you, your family and friends will allow the legacy of your loved one to impact the thousands of children and youth we engage every year.

  • As part of choosing VIBE Arts you will receive:
    •  A custom link that will track all donations made in honour of your loved one
    • Monthly reports of contributions for 3 months following service (can be extended at the family’s request)
  • Donors will receive:
    • Custom thank you e-card from VIBE Arts with impact of their contribution
    • a charitable tax receipt

We are grateful to be considred as part of your loved one’s legacy.

If you are interested in sharing your or your loved ones special moments with us and the children and the youth we serve, please contact us at and further arrangements will be made. Thank you of thinking of VIBE Arts, we are grateful for your support!