Artist Resource: Invoicing & Bookkeeping

How to submit a VIBE Artist invoice

As a VIBE Artist, you are responsible for submitting invoices requesting payment for the programs you have led.

Click here to access helpful VIBE Invoicing documents!


1. Refer to the artist pay schedule for biweekly pay periods.

Pay periods are clearly marked in yellow or green and include a bold pay date for each corresponding period. 

The pay date represents the day that cheques will be issued.



 2. Create an invoice that reflects the workshop(s) that you taught or assisted with during the pay period you are billing for.

Use our sample template, or feel free to use your own, or another invoice system instead. FreshBooks is a great resource with free, customizable templates.

Have an HST #? You must include this, as well as all calculated HST, on your invoice.

All program details, including dates, times, locations, program names/disciplines, and artist fees, must match the program confirmation sent to you by VIBE Arts. 

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to invoicing!  

3. Submit your invoice PDF to by the due date for each pay period.

Please email your invoices in PDF format to invoices@vibearts.caAll invoice due dates are marked in pink on the artist pay schedule/calendar

4. Get paid! Receive cheques by mail to your provided address.

If you would prefer to pick up your cheque from the VIBE office, please send an email to, stating so. 

Change of address? Please inform VIBE as soon as possible. Email your name and new address to


Still have some questions?

Contact raven at / 416-929-9314 x101


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