Our roster of talented Emerging Artists work to develop their crafts while gaining experience as Arts Educators.

Isiah (Z)

 MC | Dance | spoken word | 

Isiah Lea is an Artist, Activist, and Community Leader who channels his passion, drive, talent, and purpose in life into Art, Community Building and Social Justice.  These things are the pillars and foundation of everything Isiah does, is, and creates. Isiah was born in Toronto, Canada, and is a proud resident of Jane-Finch living in Toronto Community Housing. Social Justice is at the core of Isiah’s approach to Art, Community Building and Leadership. He views each one of these elements as necessary components for creating positive and sustainable social change. As an artist Isiah channels deep expressions of his soul through various artistic mediums of Performance Arts as well as Visual Arts; including Spoken Word Poetry, Rap, Theatre, Painting/Drawing, Piano, Guitar, Dance, and Photography/Graphic Design. Though the artistic mediums may vary, the contents of Isiah’s creations all have one thing in common, they are messages molded with consciousness, awareness, and purpose, rooted in honest storytelling, empowerment, and community building.


Graffiti | Murals | Drawing | Dance 

Siddharth Khaire also known as Graffi sid, was born in Baroda, India in 1992 and now resides in Toronto, Canada. Sid came to Canada in 2016 as an International student to learn Project Management. As it was one of the key course to learn for a Mural artist and a Street artist. Sid is a self-educated visual artist who stimulates his creativity based on the day-to-day activity. As a child he was always to be found with a sketchbook and pencil in hand, so the choice of cartoon creators and funky design always been seen in his artwork, as he grew up as a teenager, he was exposed to Hip-hop Culture, though it was just arrived in India. He was fascinated by graffiti and street art. Sid was once a fan of only black and white, he now paints with explosions of colors. He predominantly approaches his artwork utilizing a street art perspective with an underpinning of re-contextualization through mixed media materials and his creativity, Freehand aerosol and traditional brush techniques are evident with Sid’s works, primarily incorporating mixed media such as acrylics, aerosol, inks, markers and stencils, among other things. He is always known for his detail work and creative concepts. He is an artist who always believe in learning and does not believe that he has finished becoming a “grown up”.



Jasmine Wemigwans currently attends Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts for the advance visual arts program. She is set to graduate in 2016, and hopes to find a satisfying career in the fine arts since it has always been her passion. Currently she is an emerging artist at VIBE Arts. She believes her passion for the arts was greatly influenced by her Aboriginal heritage and being surrounded by family members making a living in the fine arts. She hopes to continue working with VIBE and continue gaining more professional experience in the art community.



Dominic Justina is a Creative and Health Advocate who recently earned her degree in Health Sciences, Biology and Psychology from The University of Toronto. As the daughter of a reggae artiste, she grew up in a household filled with music when her parents enrolled her in dance at age three. Dominic also took several visual art classes which ignited her passion for painting abstract pieces. She enjoyed working on a universe-themed mural that was featured at the ARTSIDEOUT Festival in Scarborough. Her passion for the arts goes hand in hand with her interest in mental health and well- being. She lead a ‘Black Mental Health Matters’ campaign and is the creator of “Life on Hifi”- a new podcast featuring her journey to self mastery and the creators she meets along the way. Though the artistic mediums may vary, Dominic’s creations all stem from one intent- to uplift herself and others.


Painting | illustration | singing | composing | digital media


Spoken Word

A Poet

A Singer

A Thunder Bringer

Thunderclaw Robinson is a Jack of all trades, master of some

Super Powers Include Lyricism, Vocal Proficiency, Enhanced reflexes, super strength, access to unlimited Knowledge of science facts that nobody needs, and a super human level of awkwardness

Promises you he won’t lie and neither will his hips.

Once Managed to win 3rd Place at an Open Mic (“How does one win an open mic?” You might ask? Ask him!!!)

He Is the Co-Captain of the 2018 BAM! Toronto Youth Poetry Slam Team that represented Canada in the International Spoken Word Slam and Festival; “Brave New Voices” in Houston Texas this year

He has traveled to a variety of locations across the continent to Share Light through Poems and Praise Thru Song

And believe it or not, his name does not have any affiliation with the “Thundercats”


PaintinG | Crafts | Drums

Toronto born and raised self-taught emerging artist that creates anything from small crafts to large scale paintings experimenting with many types of mediums. She is an arts educator who works within many communities throughout the GTA such as Urban Arts and VIBE Arts in schools and community centres. Shashann’s work is heavily influenced and inspired by Toronto culture, music, social issues, and her environment. She is a 2014 graduate of Seneca @ York’s Art
Fundamentals program and is currently studying Visual Art and Digital Art at Humber College Lakeshore.


Photography | Film

Toronto-based photographer. Fitzroy has shot editorial for Urbanology Magazine and Lush Magazine and framed brands like Bohten Eyewear, Community 54, and model Victor Keita. Involved with organizations like VIBE Arts, The 4Life Foundation and Hello Studios for the last 10 years. Currently the studio manager at Hello Studios, curator at Until, creative director at WHOLEPPL while actively volunteering in the community. Fitzroy is most at home in the studio shooting stills, producing a film or helping the younger generation of creatives find their voices.



Frances Potts is an emerging visual artist who is deeply inspired by the captivating night sky and universe, which surrounds us each night. She tries to incorporate the vast sea of stars into her works in unusual and surreal ways, to provoke thought and creativity. She is 20 years old and grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, where she works as an artist today. Frances enjoys working with the community wherever possible in her career. She found that are and the community have a symbiotic relationship; the community benefits from art opportunities through the revitalization of their neighbourhood, participation and/or collaboration, while artists benefit through compensation, promotion and gratification. She relishes in the positive interaction with people of all ages during these times.



Joan (Evelyn)

From Nipissing First Nation, Evelyn Pakinewatik is an emerging artist, writer, educator, and director of Irish and Ojibwe ancestry. Evelyn co-administrates the Chinimiwin Arts Collective, teaching traditional textile arts and contemporary visual culture in community alongside their parents since childhood. Evelyn began pursuing film as a way to combat memory loss, a long-term effect of chronic illness. Their first experimental short Heartdream (2017) explored the connection of love and land, through the lens of their own fragmented memory. Their first documentary Emerge: Stone Braids (2018) chronicles the memories of cherished friends and loved ones during Toronto’s inaugural Indigenous Fashion Week. Finally, Evelyn’s first narrative short, WAASEYAA (2018), examines concepts of unconditional love, shared memories, song, and healing on one’s own terms. Evelyn lives in Toronto.

Film | Leather work | Beadwork


Muralist | Graffiti | Indigenous Art | Moccasin making | drum making

Lucia Laford (Waawaaskone Qwe) is an Anishinaabe artist from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. she has learned and followed in her fathers footsteps and paints in a traditional Woodland style. Lucia also employs many other techniques in her art practice, including contemporary styles using a variety of mediums.

Lucia has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie. She has also live painted for the ROM during the Anishinabeg art and power ongoing exhibition. Her work also includes mural painting and running mural workshops for children. Most recently she painted 4 murals for the Fort York Indigenous Festival and created the painting used for promotional material for the annual Native Child and Family Services Pow Wow.


Writing | Screen printing | graphic novels

Joséphine Mwanvua is a writer focusing on art, culture, and mental health. She has written art reviews, feature articles, and has ghostwritten blog posts. She discusses important topics and cultural issues through nonfiction prose and opinion pieces that examine themes artists tackle in their work. Joséphine has previously worked at Artoronto.ca and occasionally shares anecdotes and essays about mental health at abovethestorm.blog. She is also exploring fiction writing in the Magical Realism genre.


Nicholas Ridiculous is a multidisciplinary artist who loves organic creation; raw, flawed, and original. After a lot of his own life experiences with things like the child welfare system, he wants to use his passions to express those experiences and to help others who may have similar ones. With a foundation of creative writing, visual arts, and fresh off a four-year college stint for fashion arts and design, Nicholas hopes to keep building his skills to tell many stories across all mediums of art. He is a nostalgia junky drawing inspiration from his life and the things he loves, in hopes to process and better understand this ridiculous world.

Painting | Writing | Fashion


Visual Arts | Theatre

Mirka Loiselle is a multidisciplinary artist, arts producer, and educator for children & youth. She is passionate about the role that art plays in our growth and personal development. Through her artistic practice, Mirka explores her own struggles with mental health, using illustration and visual storytelling as a way to personify her anxieties. As a theatre practitioner and educator, she is interested in how performance, play, and spontaneous creation can be used as a pedagogical tool. Mirka has recently worked with Nightwood Theatre, Broadleaf Theatre, and rePLAY: Rapid Response Art; her illustrations can be found online at mirkaillustrates.com and on Instragram @mirkaillustrates. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a BA in Philosophy.


Poetry | Visual Arts | Dance | Theatre | Drama

Sylvie Stojanovski is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, arts administrator, and creative facilitator, with a love of community art-making. Her work is driven by her passion to educate, inspire, and empower others. Sylvie has a keen interest in using the arts as a basis for story-sharing and conversation. She has showcased her work at a variety of venues across the city of Toronto, including the Bluffs Gallery, Todmorden Mills, and Artscape Youngplace. Currently, she is working towards a Bachelor’s degree with a specialist in Arts Management and a double minor in Studio and City Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough.


At only 18 years old Janez Jones has worked with high profile names in the dancehall industry and competed in prominent dance competitions around the GTA and peel region. She is currently in Toronto running dance programs for youth as well as she tackles growing her upcoming dance company trained in styles from contemporary, hip Hop to  Afro fusion. 



Piano | Singing | Painting | Drawing | DJ | Photography | +

Keisha James is a multi-disciplinary artist with 6 years of experience in the community arts sector and 4 years of experience in the film and media industry. She values social welfare programs, and using the power of media to highlight issues and bring about change. Having obtained her Bachelor of Film (honours) from Humber College, she hopes to use her education to continue storytelling through filmmaking and create engaging works of art, along with facilitating future opportunities for youth in Toronto to be able to achieve their goals.


Writing | Rap | Theatre | Media Production




Singing | Visual dance

Gloria (Glowz)

SPoken Word | Creative Writing | Illustration


graffiti | Painting

Moises Frank is a Toronto based graffiti artist under the alias Luv Sum One. Coming from the street culture he works fast at a large scale. His preferred medium is aerosol, however is recently learning how to paint with and brush and work on canvas. Luvsumone has exhibited his work at Xspace, Gladstone, Art Gallery of Ontario, and has painted murals across the GTA. He is currently teaching graffiti/aerosol art at Central Technical School and Sir John A. McDonald in Hamilton, as well as facilitating the Humber Arts Association, an art club he started at his college.


Visual Arts | Dance | MC

Ever since she was a young child, she has always been fascinated by the versatility of art, and how it can be used to communicate ideas, statements, and feelings. Whether it be through painting, dance, fashion, or the many other mediums that serve as a platform for Gloria’s creativity, she feels so blessed to be able to grow in and through various art forms.


Singing | SOng writing | improv

May Chook is a jazz and improvising vocalist who loves to sing with people. May utilizes improvised vocal music as a medium to encourage people to express themselves and bring people together, because there is no “wrong” music in improvisation. Vocal improvisation allows people to create spontaneously with honest thoughts and feelings.



Toronto-based, 24 year old artist who was born and raised in Scarborough. His ever evolving work is a mix of spiritual beliefs, things he’s seen, learned, and experienced throughout his adventurous life. Through his art, Soular works through memories of his broken family and history of self-harm. The pain and dark energy depicted in his paintings is also formed by his childhood infatuation with ancient civilization and cartoons, reflecting worldly indigenous visual patterns and anime imagery.

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