SROI ChartVIBE Arts takes accountability seriously!

In 2013, VIBE Arts (then “Arts for Children and Youth”) retained the independent research firm SIMPACT to conduct a study of the Social Return on Investment (SROI).  VIBE was the first youth-serving community arts organization in Canada to conduct such a study.  After a survey of VIBE programs, the research team decided to do an indepth study of the Youth X-Press program as an exemplar of a typical VIBE program.

SROI Ratio and Conclusions

An SROI ratio  of 4.58:1 was calculated by adding together all of the value created for all stakeholders and dividing by the total investment in the program. The ratio illustrates that for every dollar invested in Youth X Press, approximately $4 is created in social value. With an investment of only $31,000, the SROI analysis reveals that working with marginalized youth, and emerging artists to create art in the community has significant social value, employment opportunities, and professional development. VIBE  creates valuable social impact in our communities.

While the return of $4 for every dollar invested is significant, the actual social value of VIBE’S programming is likely much greater as financial valuation alone may never fully capture the social value of impact through arts education for young people. In this way, the results presented here should be considered very conservative, where the true value of VIBE’S work is beyond financial measurement.  Click here for a printable copy!