Director’s Message


Julie Frost, Executive and Artistic Director

I get a good feeling when I see young people working as a team leading a thought-provoking play; a mural; a song, or when I hear a poem that silences a room.

I get a good sense when I have worked on a community arts project with local representatives that have resulted in forging new conversations, new local narratives, or inspiring a new aesthetic that reflects and nourishes its creator(s).

I get a good VIBE when I see a child or youth who sees him/herself for the first time as an artist, as a community builder, leading their own transformation.

This is what stands behind VIBE Arts. As our new name suggests, we believe in the artistic agency of young people, and its capacity to produce resonating, lasting and transformational results in the community, and in the lives of young people who are in need of opportunities. VIBE Arts has built over twenty years, a progressive program framework that centres on collaboration and arts-based learning, and supports young people (3 to 28) to contribute meaningfully to society as artists and cultural innovators, while gaining transferable skills, leadership and self-efficiency.

At VIBE Arts, the arts are used as diverse languages of expression. They support young people to build knowledge and gain cultural fluency; to explore, inquire and represent their dreams; their stories; their ideas; their interpretations; their curiosities. Dance, mural making, music, theatre, writing and every art practice in between, become the means for young people to amplify their sense of place, care and self. It is through the artistic engagement of young people that allows their voices to take alternative form to shift paradigms and catalyze change and cultural invention.


– Julie Frost, Executive & Artistic Director